The Process

The Process - keys


Preparing your home

Prepare your home for sale by depersonalizing, cleaning, decluttering and improving curb appeal will present your home in the best possible condition



I’ll provide you with a  detailed comparative market analysis so that your home will be priced to attract the most amount of showings and yield the highest price


Custom multi-phase marketing plan

Generating buzz before we list is key. I hire professionals to create a captivating virtual presentation of your home and institute a campaign to create buzz of anticipation amongst perspective buyers and agents


Open House & Showing

A successful open house is key for generating quick interest in your home. I’ll make myself available to accommodate every private showing


Receive offers & negotiate

An offer is received and we will review:

  • Offer price & deposit amount
  • Completion/possession date
  • Conditions and other clauses (e.g., financing, home inspection documents)

Negotiations are done with your best interests in mind. Offers will be reviewed and discuss how best to respond:

  • Reject
  • Counter by modifying terms in the offer or adding additional terms
  • Accepting the offer as is


Home Inspection & Appraisal

The buyer’s lender will require a property appraisal, to make sure that the negotiated purchase price was fair to the actual property value

Negotiate requests for repairs and ask the buyer to release contingencies


Prepare for closing

  • Sign documents at the notary/lawyer
  • Receive home sale proceeds
  • Gather all your keys to handover
  • Transfer utilities
  • Cancel home insurance after title transfer
  • Hire cleaners and movers
  • Celebrate! You’ve successfully sold your home